Crochet Amigurumi Christmas Ruffle Tree | Easy Crochet Tree pattern step by step for beginners

Are you looking for an innovative yet easy pattern for amigurumi Christmas tree?

Then you are at the right place... Check out this video for the easy pattern for Crocheting AMIGURUMI CHRISTMAS TREE with Ruffle pattern #crochetchristmastree #diykraftz #crochetTree #crochetchristmas #christmastree #treeornaments #christmastreeideas #crochetchristmastreeidea #crochetPattern #CrochetRuffletree Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube: ----click here to follow me on Instagram page: ----click here to like and follow my Facebook page: ----click here to subscribe my YouTube channel: This pattern uses basic stitches which are detailed as follows- SC- Single Crochet SC Dec- Single Crochet decrease SC INC- Single Crochet increase Ch- chain SS- Slip stitch I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. please like the video, share it with your crochet friends, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more interesting videos.

Begin with Magic Ring

R-1: Ch-1, 6 SC, SS (6)
R-2: Ch-1, 1 SC each, SS (6)
R-3: Ch-1, (1SC,1 INC)*3, SS (9)
R-4: Ch-1, BLO 1 SC each, SS (9)

R-5: Ch-1, (2SC,1 INC)*3, SS (12)
R-6: Ch-1, BLO 1 SC each, SS (12)
R-7: Ch-1, (1SC,1 INC, 2SC)*3, SS (15)
R-8: Ch-1, BLO 1 SC each, SS (15)
R-9: Ch-1, (1 INC, 4SC)*3, SS (18)
R-10: Ch-1, BLO 1 SC each, SS (18)
R-11: Ch-1, (3SC,1 INC, 2SC)*3, SS (21)
R-12: Ch-1, BLO 1 SC each, SS (21)
R-13: Ch-1, (6SC,1 INC)*3, SS (24)
R-14: Ch-1, BLO 1 SC each, SS (24)
R-15: Ch-1, (3SC,1 INC)*6, SS (30)
R-16: Ch-1, BLO 1 SC each, SS (30)
R-17: Ch-1, (2SC,1 INC,2SC)*6, SS (36)

R-18: Ch-1, (BLO 4SC,1 DEC)*6, SS (30)
R-19: Ch-1, (3SC,1 INVDEC)*6, SS (24)
R-20: Ch-1, (2SC,1 INVDEC)*6, SS (18)
R-21: Ch-1, (1SC,1 INVDEC)*6, SS (12)
R-22: ch-1, FLO 1SC each, SS (12)
R-23 to R-30: ch-1, 1SC each, SS (12)
R-31: BLO 6 DEC (6)