DIY Origami Boat⛵| Paper Sailing Boat with different folding technique

Hi, Bored of making regular boat? Try making this origami boat with rectangular piece of paper... Find fun in making these boats, share 😍 with your friends and have fun together πŸ€ͺ Please subscribe πŸ”” to channel for more ideas πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

DIY Hanging Light || DIY home decor || Best out of waste

Design your Own Interior Decor at Affordable prices. This Video is one of such kind. Best out of waste. Instead of discarding Old Newspaper, make a decorative item for your home. #DIYDecor #DIYBulbCover diy#WithMe Follow us for more ideas 😍🀩 Subscribe πŸ””πŸ”” for our channel.

DIY Paper Dancing Toy | Dancing Teddy

Have you ever seen a dancing teddybear made out of paper and bottle caps? Then see this video and make one for yourself. Best out of waste... Please like πŸ‘ share 😍 and comment your views below πŸ‘‡... Subscribe πŸ”” to the channel for more ideas πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ‘
Materials Required:
  • Bottle Cap
  • Brown Paper  
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How to teach Analog clock to kids || Easy way to learn Analog Clock.

Are you struggling to teach your kids how to read an analog clock. Then this project is for you. Paper craft clock model that can be helpful for kids to learn in a better way.

This can be used for self learning, Just create this project using some color papers and follow below simple steps.

  • Small/Shortest hand points to hour and need to read what is displayed.
  • Big/Longest hand points to Minutes, it should be read as number displayed multiplied by 5 or by folding the paper in below project.
1 Day = 24 Hours (00:00 to 23:00 or 12:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM)
1 Hours = 60 Minutes
1 Minute = 60 Seconds
1 Second = 1000 Milliseconds

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Easy DIY Jumping Frog || DIY paper frog

Have you seen a paper frog jumping?? Make one now just by using color paper. For more ideas please subscribe to our channel #PaperCraft #DIYWithMe #jumpingFrog

Easy DIY Origami Photo Frame | Scrapbook Photo Frame

Here is a easy way to make a photo frame with just paper and glue... You can ✓Hang them to wall ✓Clip them to a rope for Party ✓Put it on Desk Make them with different colors for mesmerizing look.... Rewind your memories 😍 For more such ideas please subscribe to DIY KraftZ and click onπŸ”” to get notifications

DIY Finger Puppet | Bunny puppets | Origami Puppets

Teachers and Parents,

Story telling can be more interesting with these puppets. Easy to create with some color papers that are available handy.

Bring out your child's creativity by asking them to make a show out of these puppets 

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DIY Chocolate Envelope

Easy way to gift wrap small things like money, jewelry, candies etc... do try and gift your loved ones. Very easy craft that everyone can give it a try. #chocolategiftbox #giftbox #paperenvelope please like the video, share to your friends, share your thoughts in comments section.

Materials Required:  
  1. Color Papers
  2. Scissors
  3. Fevicol/Gum  

DIY Flower Bouquet and Vase | Re-use idea

Nice, elegant interior home decor. this craft makes use of the kitchen towel roll and few paper for crafts.

It's easy and beautiful decor.

Materials Required:
  1.  A Card-Board Roll (Kitchen Towel Roll)
  2. Color Papers (Green other other colors for flowers)
  3. Fevicol/Glue
  4. Acrylic Paints (Optional)
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DIY HeartπŸ’“ envelope | Heart giftbox | Mother's Day special greeting card

A Simple but Elegant Heart envelope making.
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Easy DIY Greeting Card

A easy way to make a greeting card. DIY Greeting Card, this is simple and beautiful greeting card that suits for any kind of occasion. 

DIY Easy pom-poms

Did you think that making pom-poms is very easy task? watch this video and realize that it's actually very easy to make many pom-poms in no time. this video details on a very simple and easy way to make pom-poms or tassels using yarn / wool / macrame / silk thread / cotton thread.
There are many projects which makes use of pom-poms or tassels. like home decor, photo frame, wall decor, toran for entrance, earrings, jewelry, and many more. stay tuned to DIY Kraftz for many such ideas.
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#woolpompoms #tassels #diyTassels

Smiley Face with moving eyes || Paper Craft

Can you make a smiley with its eyes moving?

well... yes.... Here is a video of making a simple craft of making smiley with its eyes moving.. you can use this technique and apply to other cartoon characters like minion, motu-patlu, angry birds, pikachoo, power-puff girls, and many more... or animals like rabbit, frog, bugs bunny, lion, tiger or any other animal... do try it and share your experience with us in comments section. If you like the video, please like, share and subscribe to DIY KRAFTZ write to us:

Crochet Tea Coaster in 4 steps | Table Runner | Crochet Flower

Hey Crocheter,

Are you a beginner to crocheting and looking to make a tea-coaster for your dining table? Then this is for you, a easy way to make Crochet Tea Coaster in 4 steps which can be used to make Table Runner or Crochet Flower. Please refer to the pattern below. I have also posted video if pattern is difficult to understand. Crochet Pattern:
ch-5 and slip stitch into first chain to form a loop. Row-1: ch-1, 16 single stitches into the loop Row-2: ch-5, (triple stitch into next stitch, ch-2)*15 times Row-3: slip-stitch into gap, 3 single stitches over ch-2( gap in between triple stitches) Row-4: ch-4, single stitch into third stitch
Finish your project by making a slip stitch into the first stitch in row-4 then ch-1 and cut the yarn. weave in the ends and cut the excess.
To make a nice table-runner, make a bunch of these and join them together. Add a nice border to it to finish your table-runner #crochetCoaster #crochetTableRunner #crochetBeginner

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Easy DIY Paper Cuttings Craft

Paper Crafts are the best to take out ones creativity. one of such craft is paper cuttings craft. give wings to your imagination using paper cuttings craft.

Here i gave 4 different designs of this craft which you can imitate on your own. you can modify the templates and use accordingly :)
These cuttings can be used for frosting over cake using them as a design template, you can paint on floor with it as a reference, so design will not be ruined. This technique can be used to design your own mandala designs. #papercuttings #papercraft #diycraft

4 Easy ways to do Paper Leaves | DIY Paper Leaf 4 designs

Have you ever thought of making origami leaves is Easy. watch this video completely to know that it's damn easy working on leaves. You can use these on your favorite interiors, in making bouquet, decoration purpose on events like birthday party or anniversary. #DIYPaperLeaves #OrigamiLeaf #DIYLeaf

DIY Paper Butterflies 3 Designs | Decoration Idea

Make different styles of colorful butterflies with paper by following this tutorial by step to step. Easy and simple yet beautiful and colorful decoration for any party like birthday or anniversary or simply wall decoration at home. #diypaperbutterflies #diywalldecor #diyhomedecor If you like the video, please like, share and subscribe to 'DIY Kraftz' share your opinion in the comments or write to us:

DIY Easy Photo Frame with Cardboard Box and Wool

Looking for a simple and easy yet colorful idea for making a photo frame? Here is a Rainbow photo frame made with cardboard box and scarp yarn.

This is so easy to make and oddly satisfying video... yet a little tricky on covering up corners and curves... so I made the video look detailed and to the point without much lag. Hope you all enjoy the video, and what are you waiting for? Make one for yourself too. if you like the video please like πŸ‘ share 😍 and subscribe to our channel DIY Kraftz

Materials Required:
    Wool (Single or Different colors)
    Card Board of desired size.
    Fabric Glue

Simple DIY Earphones/ USB cable designing with thread/wool

In this tutorial, I tried to detail on how to design your USB cables/Earphones with the less material.
This designing helps in many ways..
--- Cables lasts longer as there is a extra protective layer --- Less tangles which helps you to use them better --- Unique and colorful so you can identify your cables/ earphones easily Magic knot is used to join the two threads/wool. Subscribe to channel for regular updates-

Crochet Smiley Face (Key Chain or Rakhi)

Here is detailed tutorial on how to crochet a smiley face. Pattern:
ROW 1- Magic loop, ch-1 and 10 single stitches into loop. Pull the tail end and slip stitch into first chain.
ROW 2- Ch-2, DC in the first stitch, 2DC in each stitch and slip stitch into the first stitch,Change the thread.
Row 3 - Ch-1, 2Sc and increase in Sc, 2Sc and increase in Sc and pattern continues... Slip stitch into first chain Ch-15 and slip stitch to first chain to form loop.
Accessories the smiley face with eyes and mouth.
Insert key ring into the loop to finish the key-chain Magic loop - Single stitch- Double stitch- Beginners playlist-

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Crochet Lion Face (Key Chain or Rakhi)

In this video I'm explaining how to crochet a easy Lion face.

You can use them as an attachment to your crochet projects, make them as keychains/Rakhi.

Please check my channel for Magic Wool tutorial which is used to make this beautiful Lion Faced Crochet.

Let us know in comments for any kind of clarifications. Please contact for bulk orders.

DIY Garbage/Dustbin Bags || NEWSPAPER Reuse Idea

Are you using plastic covers for garbage bins πŸ™„?

Then this video is for you 😊. This video demonstrates how to make garbage/dustbin covers using newspaper in simple way😲. We are using this daily in our home.
Stop using plastic covers for garbage bins and start making recyclable paper covers.

This works best for both Dry and Wet waste.

Please like and share this idea. A simple way to reduce the usage of plastic.

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DIY Name Key Chains / Friend Ship Band

Learn making Name Keychains/Friend Ship Band/Rakhi using Thread/Wool.

This video explains A to E letters.

This video explains F to J letters.

This video explains K to O letters.

This video explains P to T letters

This video explains U to Z letters.