Crochet Tea Coaster in 4 steps | Table Runner | Crochet Flower

Hey Crocheter,

Are you a beginner to crocheting and looking to make a tea-coaster for your dining table? Then this is for you, a easy way to make Crochet Tea Coaster in 4 steps which can be used to make Table Runner or Crochet Flower. Please refer to the pattern below. I have also posted video if pattern is difficult to understand. Crochet Pattern:
ch-5 and slip stitch into first chain to form a loop. Row-1: ch-1, 16 single stitches into the loop Row-2: ch-5, (triple stitch into next stitch, ch-2)*15 times Row-3: slip-stitch into gap, 3 single stitches over ch-2( gap in between triple stitches) Row-4: ch-4, single stitch into third stitch
Finish your project by making a slip stitch into the first stitch in row-4 then ch-1 and cut the yarn. weave in the ends and cut the excess.
To make a nice table-runner, make a bunch of these and join them together. Add a nice border to it to finish your table-runner #crochetCoaster #crochetTableRunner #crochetBeginner

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