Crochet Little Hearts (Love Symbol) with Magic loop

Crochet Heart Key Chain. This tutorial details about how to make Heart/ Love shape using simple crochet stitches. This is a Free Crochet Heart Pattern. *FREE PATTERN*- 1) Begin with a magic loop and chain-4 (ch4)
2) 2 Triple crochet, 3 Double crochet - completes the half of the πŸ’“ *Tutorial for triple crochet: 3) To get the tip of the πŸ’“ - ch1, 1 Triple crochet, and ch1
4) 3 Double crochet, 2 Triple crochet and ch4
5) Slip stitch into the loop and chain up to the required height
and end your project
6) Secure the ends of the project carefully
7) Insert the

Crochet Magic knot

Crochet Magic Loop for Beginners

This tutorial details you about "How to join two yarns" which will not loosen up. This will be used in many crochet projects. Check out our other tutorials to learn crocheting and projects for written patterns. We provide all written patterns 1)To begin with, take both the ends of the yarns to be joined. 2)Knot the first yarn over other to make first knot.. 3)Now, knot the second yarn over the first to make second knot. 4)Now take both the yarns and pull them together so that the knots come together to make them inseparable.
* I used different color yarns to make the technique easy to understand, You can use this technique for same color yarns to continue your work without any chaos. Please LikeπŸ‘, Share and SubscribeπŸ””πŸ””πŸ”” to our YouTube channel and Blog.

Crochet Baby Girl Top | Emoji Theme | Eye Mask

Are you looking for the great photo-shoot ideas for your baby girl? Here is the best and beautiful option for you... Make this cute looking EMOJI BABY GIRL DRESS for your princess and that little girl will look amazing in this dress.



USE 4mm hook, 4ply yarn two strands
For Eye mask: use 2.5mm hook, one strand of 4ply yarn


Begin with a SLIP KNOT and CH-15

Row-1: (ch-3,2dc), 4dc,1hdc,3sc,1hdc, 4dc, (5dc), 4dc,1hdc,3sc,1hdc, 4dc, (2dc) slipstitch into third chain.

Row-2: (ch-3,1dc),(2dc),(2dc), 3dc, 2hdc, 3sc,2hdc, 3dc,(2dc),(2dc),(3dc), (2dc),(2dc), 3dc, 2hdc, 3sc,2hdc, 3dc,(2dc),(2dc), (1dc) slip stitch into third chain.

Row-3: (ch-3,1dc), (2dc),1dc, (2dc),5dc, 2hdc, (3 to 1 sc), 2hdc, 5dc, (2dc),1dc, (2dc), (3dc), (2dc),1dc, (2dc),5dc, 2hdc, (3 to 1 sc), 2hdc, 5dc, (2dc),1dc, (2dc), (1dc) and slipstitch into the third chain.

Row-4: (ch-3, 1dc), (2dc),2dc,(2dc),2dc,(2dc), 4dc, 1hdc, (3 to 1 sc), 1hdc, 4dc, (2dc),2dc, (2dc), 2dc, (2dc),(3dc), (2dc),2dc,(2dc),2dc,(2dc), 4dc, 1hdc, (3 to 1 sc), 1hdc, 4dc, (2dc),2dc, (2dc), 2dc, (2dc), (1dc) slipstitch into third chain.


Two strands of 4 ply cherry red colour yarn. hook size:4mm

Magic loop, ch-3, 2tc, 3dc, ch-1, 1 tc, ch-1, 3dc, 2tc, ch-3 and slip stitch into the loop

Make two hearts patches and attach them to the base.


Take yellow yarn (base colour)

Insert hook into the one end of the base, make sc in the next three stitches, ch-2 and turn around the work. make sc in the next two stitches for row 2..... Make ten such rows and in the last row make a decrease, now ch-40

Repeat the same process on the other side too..


Insert hook into 6th stitch from the center, grab the yarn and make ch-50

And beautiful Eye Mask or Baby top will be yours....

                 Crop Top

                 Eye Mask


Photo Rakhi

How beautiful it feels if you are gifting a unique handmade things to the loved ones. One such idea is making a Handmade Photo Rakhi to our lovely brothers..
This video demonstrates on how to make a simple, easy yet beautiful and elegant Photo Rakhi by using less materials.
All you need is a photograph, few decorative stuff, wool and a fabric glue.
#PhotoRakhi #handmadeRakhi #HomemadeRakhi
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Origami Swan | Swan boat | Paper boat

A Swan Boat is a latest trend to play with in the raining season... It can be made in just 5 steps... do give it a try 😍🀩 and share your feedback in comments section below πŸ‘‡ It can also be a mini storage craft with paper... put in some clips, candies or Bobby pins or any other such small stuff... enjoy making them.... #SwanBoat #hamsanaava #OrigamiSwan please subscribe to my channel and click on πŸ”” icon
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