Crochet Little Hearts (Love Symbol) with Magic loop

Crochet Heart Key Chain. This tutorial details about how to make Heart/ Love shape using simple crochet stitches. This is a Free Crochet Heart Pattern. *FREE PATTERN*- 1) Begin with a magic loop and chain-4 (ch4)
2) 2 Triple crochet, 3 Double crochet - completes the half of the 💓 *Tutorial for triple crochet: 3) To get the tip of the 💓 - ch1, 1 Triple crochet, and ch1
4) 3 Double crochet, 2 Triple crochet and ch4
5) Slip stitch into the loop and chain up to the required height
and end your project
6) Secure the ends of the project carefully
7) Insert the

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