Crochet Magic knot

Crochet Magic Loop for Beginners

This tutorial details you about "How to join two yarns" which will not loosen up. This will be used in many crochet projects. Check out our other tutorials to learn crocheting and projects for written patterns. We provide all written patterns 1)To begin with, take both the ends of the yarns to be joined. 2)Knot the first yarn over other to make first knot.. 3)Now, knot the second yarn over the first to make second knot. 4)Now take both the yarns and pull them together so that the knots come together to make them inseparable.
* I used different color yarns to make the technique easy to understand, You can use this technique for same color yarns to continue your work without any chaos. Please Like👍, Share and Subscribe🔔🔔🔔 to our YouTube channel and Blog.

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