Women's Day Special | Free Crochet Classes Online | Absolute Beginners

Crochet is such a beautiful art, a great stress buster and improves your concentration. It is easy to learn and you can practice during free time.

This is great opportunity for all craft lovers, Students to improve concentration, Pregnant Ladies to enjoy their pregnancy, House Wives to have a new hobby. We do not need reason to lean crochet. Just start learning it and you will feel relaxed.

We would like to offer free coaching online. Just get a wool and a hook, we will teach to make wonderful items out of it. The beginner class includes follow techniques.

Lesson 1 - Basic Slip Knot
Lesson 2 - Crochet Foundation Chain and Single Stitch
Lesson 3 - Half Double Stitch
Lesson 4 - Double Stitch
Lesson 5 - Triple Stitch

This will make you comfortable to make some of the cute projects.

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